NFT owners' problems

On the other hand, quite a large number of investors, who can afford to purchase in-game NFT (characters, land, items, etc.), have come to the market, and they can do it in several games. At the same time, they, having the capital to buy assets, are not ready to spend their time on daily game tasks.
As a result, they either refuse to buy NFTs or their assets go idle. Some find their solutions, such as hiring players on payroll, but there is no convenient systematic problem solution at this point. The MetaRent platform provides such a solution for the first time.
Another problem that often arises with NFT owners is the low liquidity of the asset and the inability to sell it on existing marketplaces. Such a situation is possible when you get NFT in the game for free or an unsuccessful acquisition. The MetaExchange service provides a solution to this problem.