The players' problem

With the growing popularity of P2E games and earnings from them, the price of in-game NFT themselves rose, reaching hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Thus, a high barrier to entry into the game was formed, especially significant for players from developing countries who cannot afford to purchase expensive NFTs.
To solve this problem, guilds - communities of players that rent NFTs to their participants (scholars) - appeared on the market. Thus, residents of developing countries were able to earn money on games without a large initial investment. In addition, the guilds are engaged in training, educating scholars, holding tournaments, etc. The Scholarship program from Meta DAO Guild provides such a solution.
However, guild resources are limited, and they can not meet the ever-increasing demand for NFT rentals from players looking to make money. When renting outside of guilds, there is always the risk that the player will not get his share of the payment from the NFT owner who receives the income. The MetaRent platform is intended to address this problem.