MDGG token

Native token - MDGG - plays a significant role in the entire Meta DAO system. Token ownership will be the real ownership and management of Meta DAO Guild. The distribution of tokens will be based on thoughtful tokenomics and vesting, which will help to maintain the token price in the future.
The total number of coins to be issued is 1,000,000,000 MDGG. The token is powered by Binance Smart Chain.
The token will be used throughout the Meta DAO ecosystem to support its activities: within the Scholarship, for operation at MetaRent, MetaExchange, in staking, including DAO Launchpad, and, in the future, at MetaGame.
Furthermore, voting within DAO Guild management and Launchpad takes place among MDGG token holders.
Token Generation Event is scheduled for July 2022.
A listing of the DEX and CEX is planned for the third quarter of 2022.
The tokenomics of the project is built on a deflationary model, which will also drive the value of the coin.
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