DAO Launchpad

DAO Launchpad is a decentralized venture fund and an accelerator for new GameFi projects.
The market infrastructure that has evolved over the years is such that centralized funds are the main subject of venture financing, and young projects turn to them in search of investment.
However, the world is rapidly changing with the arrival of decentralized models. After all, for a successful start, a new game project requires not a financial component in the first place but the creation of its community of players, who will eventually become the Ambassadors, attracting their friends, subscribers, etc. to the game.
DAO Launchpad provides an opportunity for players themselves to become investors of new games. This is how a game project gets both funding and a loyal audience. And players and retail investors get early access to the game at the alpha and beta test stages and the opportunity to invest in tokens of the project (by MDGG token staking) and its NFTs at the earliest, and therefore the most attractive prices.
DAO Launchpad scheme