Sometimes it is difficult for the owner to sell his NFT-item or game account, which, let's say, he received during the game. His NFT can hang as "dead weight" for a long time and not be sold on regular NFT-markets.
Meta DAO Guild is developing a marketplace where users will have the ability to exchange NFTs between themselves, both within the same game and between games, regardless of the blockchain.
We are preparing to launch MetaExchange, an NFT exchange marketplace that is in demand in our community and in the whole gaming space.
The principle of its work is similar to NFT-marketplaces. To participate in the exchange, the user will need to register on the platform and put the ad, indicating the wishes of the exchange. In addition, he can review other users' listings by selecting the NFTs he is interested in from categories and collections.
Choosing the NFT he can offer its owner to make an exchange, if necessary - with a surcharge. In case of a match, the participants make an exchange transaction, paying the platform commission.
Last modified 1yr ago