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How the platform works

MetaRent works on a similar principle to freelance platforms, where you can find a performer for any task - from a cleaner to a programmer.
The player, who wants to rent an NFT, registers in the system and applies for a scholarship to the Meta DAO Guild. Once the application is approved, he is trained in the game of his choice, takes a test, and receives his initial rating in the system. As he progresses in the game, as well as participating in competitions, his rating will change.
If a player wants to rent an NFT on the platform, he puts his candidacy and appears in the general list of players. The games he specializes in and his rating for each game are also displayed there.
The NFT owner registers on the platform as a landlord. Then he can:
  • select a player from the overall rating and contact him to discuss a deal;
  • place an ad to hire players, get offers from them and choose the most suitable one.
Then the participants agree on the terms of the deal and conclude it using the guarantee mechanisms of the Meta DAO.
The player starts playing and earning with the leased NFTs. The lessor receives income from his playing activity and pays the player a salary (scholarship) at the time set by the contract.