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Meta DAO Guild is the first guild with an internal structure organized in the form of Clans.
A Clan is a self-governing formation within the guild that organizes player training and receives a portion of the income.
Any guild member with a certain amount of MDGG can apply to form a Сlan. To do that, he will have to pay a fee. Later he will need to bring in a training manager (a guild member with this status) to expand the Clan and get more scholars. Clan creation and expansion fees in MDGG tokens are fully burned to ensure the token value (deflationary model).
The Guild lends the NFTs to the clan, receiving its part of the profits. It helps with training and community management. But the main management, role and profits allocation are done by the Clan itself. Clan gets certain privileges: percentage of scholar profits, NFT quotas, early access to games, etc.
Clan structure
Clans can merge into Alliances for even greater privileges in the Guild, voting, etc.